Your organisation is unique!

... and that is why we strive to deliver security solutions that are as unique, because one size does not fit all

Actionable security for your business


Enterprise Security Architecture


Audit, Compliance and Programs


Security Intelligence (Defend, Hunt, Attack)


Physical and Personnel Security

Tailor made security

We focus on the big picture so you don't have to

We aim to become a trusted partner with our clients, understanding their business needs and drivers so we can design and implement pragmatic security solutions that support business outcomes.Solutions are tailored to the specific business profiles and requirements.  We value our integration skills and seek to complement client’s existing assets, instead of a ‘rip and replace’methodology.

At Aegis9, we focus on more than just security

Through our bespoke approach, we seek to find the balance between product, process and people.  We ensure the overall framework exists to deliver the best outcomes for your organisation. Our highly skilled and experienced staff provide certifications across the full cyber security accreditation spectrum.

We accredit the following standards

We trust in our parnerships as much as you trust in us


Aegis9 is a Microsoft partner who help provide our customers on-premises, hybrid, multicloud or at the edge – anyone can create secure, future-ready cloud solutions.

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